Rick Liegl Welcomes You to Drum Events Unlimited . . .

The awareness and worldwide popularity of djembe drumming continues to grow. The potential of adding drums to programs and events is truly unlimited. For more than 10 years DrumEventsUnlimited has been a trusted name for businesses, schools, music stores, drum circles and countless other civic groups when they are interested in adding a drum program to their events calendar. We’re proud to still be working with many of the groups that first hired us 10 years ago.

Djembes being built in Ghana 2010

Drumeventsunlimited is a Connecticut-based business that presents African drum workshops, interactive team building programs and performances for countless organizations, businesses and educational institutions throughout Connecticut and beyond. Over the years the scope of our services has continued to expand. We are currently the largest distributors for the Wula Drum Company in our state. Our full service repair shop located in Willimantic, CT continues to provide high quality repairs for some of the best drummers and largest music stores in the area. The You've Got Rhythm-School of Percussion continues to serve as a welcoming place for all people to learn the ancient art of African Drumming. Whether leading full day, district wide seminars for music teachers K-12, hosting workshops for Master Drummers from NYC or leading our weekly classes, we are continually growing awareness about the drum and it's unlimited potential.

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